Top Rated Aquarium Sump Kit Reviews

If you’re going to do something, you might as well do it right. That’s a good philosophy, and when it comes to sumps the ProFlex from Aqueon seems to be a good example of what “doing it right” looks like.

Sump It Up: The Aqueon 34503 ProFlex Sump Model 4


The elephant in the room is obviously the price of this puppy. At almost three hundred bucks it’s not a trivial amount of money, but if you are interested in a tank in the 120-gallon to 210-gallon range this sump is designed for, that’s not an unreasonable amount.

A Full Package

So what do you get for your money? I have to say that for something that’s going to be hidden away this sump is one of the best-looking pieces of aquarium equipment I’ve seen. That may not seem to matter much for what is essentially plumbing, but you’ll spend time looking at it, and if you are like many serious hobbyists you’ll end up showing it off to a bunch of people anyway. The look and feel of this sump screams “Pro” and I like that a lot.

Tough Customer

Nothing fills an aquarist with dread like the revelation that a tank has sprung a leak, so it’s pretty comforting to me that Aqueon is offering a lifetime guarantee against leaks as part of the value proposition.

Silent Night

Not many people think about this, but one of the things that can really detract from an aquarium is how noisy the hardware is. A big advantage of sumps in this regard is that it lets you put all the noisy stuff like pumps in a cabinet where the noise is dulled. The ProFlex goes one step further and uses a bubble diffuser chamber to get rid of noisy bubbles and quiet everything down overall.

Custom Order

The other thing I really like about the ProFlex is how, well, flexible it is. You can set it up in a number of configurations such as a refugium, berlin, or wet/dry trickle filter system. I think all in all you’d have a very hard time finding any major problems with this product; whether you have a saltwater, freshwater, or saltwater reef tank this is a great choice.

Honorable Mention: Eshopps Overflow Box


I am aware that this is not a sump, but since I’m not really talking about overflow boxes by themselves on my site I thought that this would be the perfect place to mention the siphon overflow box.

You may be in a position where you already have an aquarium running, but now are starting to think about all the benefits of a sump. The problem is that the tank you already have is not drilled with the inlets and outlets a sump requires. Getting a new tank and transplanting your aquarium is one option, but that comes with a whole host of risks and you may even end up losing all your fish to shock or tank crashes.

That’s where an overflow box such as this comes into play. It hangs off the back of your existing tank and lets you siphon water down into a sump, which then pumps it back up through a return.

You’ll hear some horror stories about how overflows like this can fail and then flood your tank with water from the sump, but if you use common sense and follow the instructions properly that is unlikely to happen.

This particular overflow is well-priced and comes with just about everything you need to connect your sump to an undrilled tank.

This model in particular is special because it uses so little space between the wall and the tank. It means that if your aquarium cabinet really needs to be close to the wall, this will work a treat.

One complaint about this product is that the return pipe is a bit noisy, but if you find it to be a problem it can be replaced with an aftermarket one that is more quiet.

So don’t feel left out of the sump-club just because you can’t drill holes in your tank. Just buy one of these (and a sump!) to get with the program.